Crystal Aura Color
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Crystal – An Emotional Core Color

( Crystals have a clear aura – there is no color in their aura)


Delicate, extremely sensitive, reserved, serene, quiet, spiritual, enjoy spending time alone

Get along with everyone; they can take on the aura color of whomever they are with

When centered, they are natural, receptive conduits for pure, healing energy

When uncentered, they can easily feel befuddled, disoriented, and psychically overwhelmed by other people’s energy.  They then feel the need to withdraw from life to replenish themselves

Uncentered, they tend to lack self-confidence and look for reassurance/approval from others

Enjoy gardening, being in nature, reading and/or other solitary activities

Like their immediate environment to be pretty, quiet, clean, orderly, and simple

Very quick thinkers and learners; extremely intuitive

Prefer to stay in the background (out of the limelight); not driven or ambitious

Love pondering the meaning of life; usually have a personal relationship with a Higher Power

In relationships can appear cold, aloof and frigid because they need so much time alone; they are very private

Conversely, they can have a calming, healing effect on their partner when centered

Like partners who are decisive and protective yet patient, allowing and unintimidating

Can remain single for a long time because of potential trauma of a strong emotional connection

As parents, Crystals have a low threshold for confusion, noise, disorder and are easily overwhelmed

Cautious, conscientious and responsible with money because it provides security

Famous Examples:  Hildegaard Von Bingen and Louis Pasteur


The Life Purpose of someone with the core color of Crystal is to be an open, receptive channel for healing energy to pass through them and uplift others.


The Basic Fear of someone with the core color of Crystal is the fear of being overwhelmed by being around too many people and having no time alone to replenish their energy.


Crystals do their best work in clean, low-key, and quiet environments.  They do well with structured and detailed jobs.  They like working alone but need to feel their work is of service to others.  Typical occupations that appeal to Crystals are:


Massage Therapist

Physical Therapist

Holistic Health Practitioner







Interior Designer






Energy Healer




Child Counselor


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