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"What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now." - Buddha

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Careers appealing to each Enneagram type
Careers appealing to each Myers-Briggs temperament
Careers appealing to each Myers-Briggs type
Careers appealing to each Aura Color
Careers and Western Astrology
Careers and Numerology
Table 1 - Quick Guide to Career Resources
The Best Books I've Found on Career Guidance





Work and relationships are the cornerstones of our lives yet so many people are unhappy with the work they do.  Since we spend most of our time working and relating I particularly want to help people in their careers and relationships first.  While the systems I've been studying can't tell you what job is exactly right for you, they can help you understand what kind of work is fulfilling and comes naturally for your personality type based on each of the different systems I use.  You will have to use your intuition and logic to blend the different career possibilities together from each of the systems.  That is what I did.  You will see a recurring theme though.



Careers Appealing to Each Enneagram Type


Enneagram Type #1 Enneagram Type #4 Enneagram Type #7
Enneagram Type #2 Enneagram Type #5 Enneagram Type #8
Enneagram Type #3 Enneagram Type #6 Enneagram Type #9


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type ONES

Ones are conscientious, responsible, moral, ethical and hard working people.  The more analytical and tough-minded Ones (Myers-Briggs Thinkers usually) can be found in management, science, accounting, finance, computer technology, law, and law enforcement.  The more people-oriented Ones (Myers-Briggs Feelers usually) can be found in health care, education, and religious work.  Whatever work Ones do they will do it well and in a professional, honest and ethical manner.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type TWOS

Since Twos are so caring, considerate of others, and nurturing they usually prefer to work with people, often in the helping professions, as counselors, teachers, or health workers.  Extroverted Twos are sometimes found in the limelight as actresses, actors, or motivational speakers.  Twos can also work in sales or helping others as receptionists, secretaries, assistants, decorators, or clothing consultants.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type THREES

Threes are hardworking, goal-oriented, organized, and decisive.  Threes believe they will be successful at whatever they attempt so consequently they usually are!  They are frequently found in management or leadership positions in business, law, banking, the computer field, and politics.  Being in the public eye, as broadcasters, motivational speakers and performers (actors, actresses and musicians), is also common.  They are frequently entrepreneurs who get the gist of a concept and market it with charm and charisma.  The more helping-oriented Threes tend to go into teaching, social services, or the health field.  They also become homemakers who put tremendous energy into their responsibilities.  Whatever Threes do they will want to be recognized as the best in their field.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type FOURS

Fours can inspire, influence, and persuade through the arts (music, fine art, dancing) and the written or spoken word (poetry, novels, journalism, motivational speaking, seminar and workshop conducting, teaching).  Since Fours are deeply empathic people in touch with the pain and suffering of life, many like to help bring out the best in people as psychologists or counselors.  Because Fours are very creative, some take pride in the small businesses that they own.  Other Fours often accept mundane jobs to support their creative pursuits.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type FIVES

Fives are often in scientific, technical, or other intellectually demanding fields.  For example, they make excellent academic teachers, scientists, researchers and theorists.  They have strong analytical skills and are good at problem solving.  Those with a well-developed Four wing (see What are the Wings of my Enneagram Type?) are more likely to be counselors, musicians, artists, or writers.  Fives usually like to work alone and are independent thinkers.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type SIXES

Though Sixes can be found in almost any career, they are often attracted to the justice system, the military, the corporate world, and academia.  Truth, justice, security, stability and belonging are big issues for Sixes so naturally they like to go into professions that give them the opportunity to protect others, fight injustices and allow themselves to feel safe, secure and part of a team.  Many are in health care and education.


Counterphobic Sixes sometimes have jobs that involve risk.  Those who lean toward the antiauthoritarian side are usually happier when self-employed.  If Sixes are unhappy with their work situation, they are likely to become rebellious or secretive.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type SEVENS

Many Sevens have several careers at once or jobs where they travel a lot (as pilots, flight attendants, or photographers, for example).  Remember, Sevens love their freedom, are insatiably curious and creative, and want to experience as much of life as possible so they love adventurous, exciting, energetic jobs.  Many are entrepreneurs for this reason.  Some like using tools or machines or working outdoors.  Sevens are humanitarians too so many are in the helping professions as teachers, nurses, or counselors.  Sevens are not happy doing repetitive work (in assembly lines or accounting, for instance).  They like challenges, excitement, newness and think quickly in emergencies.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type EIGHTS

Eights are good at taking the initiative to move ahead.  They want to be in charge.  Since they want freedom to make their own choices, they are often self-employed or at the very least they want a lot of autonomy if they do work for someone else.  Eights have a strong need for financial security.  Eights like intellectual and/or physical challenges and often crusade for causes.  If not entrepreneurs, many are business executives, lawyers, military and union leaders, and sports figures.  They are also in teaching, and the helping and health professions.  Eights are attracted to careers in which they can demonstrate their willingness to accept responsibility and take on and resolve difficult problems.


Careers that appeal to Enneagram type NINES

Nines listen well, are objective, and make excellent mediators and diplomats.  They are frequently in the helping professions.  Since Nines like familiarity and predictability and are receptive to the needs of others they prefer structured, interpersonal jobs rather than fast-paced, rapidly changing environments that downplay interpersonal communication.  When Nines move towards point Three, or their Eight wing is strong they can be more ambitious and competitive.


Careers Appealing to Each Myers-Briggs Temperament

See my Myers-Briggs Temperament Information section also for each temperaments natural gifts and talents.

Appealing Ideal Seeker (NF) Majors/Careers:

Elementary and Secondary education
Special education
Music, Drama, Dance
Art therapy
Child development
Rehabilitation counseling
Sign Language
Religious studies
Social Work
Women’s studies
Public relations
Holistic Health
Person nel work


Appealing Action Seeker (SP) Majors/Careers:

Fire Science
Auto Mechanics
Air Traffic Control
Real Estate
Radio & TV
Athletic Training
Construction Engineering
Mining Engineering
Physical Education
Interior Design
Physical Therapy
Music Therapy
Recreation Administration
Vocational Arts
Radio & Film Technology
Exercise Physiology


Appealing Duty Seeker (SJ) Majors/Careers:

Quality Control
Fish & Wildlife Management
Hotel-Restaurant Management
Urban Planning
Hospital Administration
City Planning
Legal Assistant
Law Enforcement
Library Science
Public Health
Electrical Engineering
Brokerage & Investment



Appealing Knowledge Seeker (NT) Majors/Careers:

Political Science
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Film making


Careers Appealing to Each Myers-Briggs Type



Career Satisfaction for ISTJs


As an ISTJ, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Is technical in nature and lets me depend on my ability to use and remember important facts and details.


2. Involves a real product or service done in a thoughtful, logical, and efficient way, preferably using standard operating procedures.


3. Lets me be independent, with plenty of time to work alone and use my excellent powers of concentration to complete projects and/or tasks.


4. Is done in a stable and traditional environment, where I will not be required to take unnecessary risks or use untested or experimental approaches.


5. Has results that are tangible and measurable, where precision and exacting standards are used and respected.


6. Has explicit objectives and a clearly defined organizational structure.


7. Gives me adequate time to prepare before presenting or turning in my work, preferably in a one-on-one or small group setting.


8. Gives me increasing levels of responsibility, with a minimum of social politics, where I am evaluated on how well I have achieved the requirements of the job description and am appreciated for my contributions.


9. Is done in an environment where my practical judgment and experience are valued and rewarded.


10. Allows me to set and reach stated goals by providing me with the necessary resources.



Career Satisfaction for ISFJs


As an ISFJ, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Requires careful observation and meticulous accuracy, where I can use my ability to remember facts and details.


2. Lets me work on tangible projects that help other people, often requiring great accuracy and attention to detail.


3. Lets me express my compassion and devotion by working hard behind the scenes, but where my contributions are recognized and appreciated.


4. Is done in a traditional, stable, orderly, and structured environment, where the results are practical and service oriented.


5. Requires that I adhere to standard procedures, use practical judgment, and follow through in a careful, organized way.


6. Lets me focus all my energy on one project or one person at a time, working on products or services that have observable end results.


7. Gives me a private work space so I can concentrate fully for extended periods of time and with a minimum of interruptions.


8. Lets me work primarily one-on-one, helping others, or with other people who share my personal values and beliefs.


9. Requires me to be organized and efficient in completing my assignments.


10. Does not require too frequently that I present my work in front of groups of people without having adequate time to prepare well in advance.



Career Satisfaction for INFJs


As an INFJ, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me consider and create new ideas and/or approaches to a variety of problems, mostly those that help others to grow and develop.


2. Lets me produce a product or service that I believe in and am proud of.


3. Recognizes my authorship and ownership and my unique contributions.


4. Lets me express myself and see the results of my vision.


5. Lets me implement my ideas for the good of people or in the service of others; lets me work with others on a one-to-one basis.


6. Is done in a friendly and tension-free


7. Can be done independently but with the opportunity to share frequently with others in an environment that is friendly and free of interpersonal conflict.


8. Lets me organize my own time and work environment and exert significant control over both the process and product.


9. Gives me adequate time to formulate and process my ideas so they are thoroughly prepared.


10. Is in harmony with my personal values and beliefs and lets me maintain a high degree of personal and professional integrity.


Career Satisfaction for INTJs


As an INTJ, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me create and develop original and innovative solutions to problems to improve existing systems.


2. Lets me focus my energy on the implementation of my good ideas, working in a logical and orderly way, and in a setting that rewards my perseverance.


3. Lets me work with other conscientious people whose expertise, intelligence, and competence I respect.


4. Gives me credit for my original ideas and lets me maintain authorship and control over their execution.


5. Allows me to work independently but with periodic interaction with a small group of intellectual people within a smooth-running environment free from interpersonal squabbles.


6. Exposes me to a steady stream of new information, providing me with new ways to increase my proficiency and competence.


7. Lets me produce a product that meets with my own high standards of quality rather than with the personal likes or dislikes of others.


8. Does not require the repetitive execution of factual and detail-oriented tasks.


9. Provides me with a high degree of autonomy and control, with the freedom to effect change and develop people and systems.


10. Is judged by uniform and fair standards for all, where performance evaluations are based on established criteria rather than on personality contests and that compensates me fairly for my contributions.


Career Satisfaction for ISTPs


As an ISTP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me identify and use resources that are available to me in the most efficient manner possible.


2. Lets me practice, master, and then use skills I have acquired, especially mechanical skills or those requiring the use of tools.


3. Lets me apply my understanding and technical knowledge of the world around me and see the logical principles underlying my work; lets me engage in troubleshooting and problem solving.


4. Has clear directions; where I can work expediently and deal with real and practical products.


5. Is fun and active and lets me work independently with frequent opportunities to get out of my work space and be outdoors.


6. Is done in an environment without excessive rules or operating standards imposed by others; where I can enjoy spontaneous adventures and step in to manage any crisis.


7. Lets me work independently, with a minimum of supervision, and where I am not required to closely supervise others.


8. Gives me plenty of time to pursue my interests and hobbies.


9. Gives me a substantial amount of enjoyment and is continually challenging.


10. Lets me use an economy of motion and energy and does not require needless routine or procedures.


Career Satisfaction for ISFPs


As an ISFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Is consistent with my strong, inner values, and is something I care deeply about and want to contribute my energy and talents to.


2. If done with others is in a supportive and affirming climate where I am a loyal and cooperative member of a team.


3. Requires attention to detail, where I work with real things that benefit other people and have practical applications.


4. Gives me freedom to work independently but nearby other compatible and courteous people, and where I don't feel restricted by excessive rules, structure, or inflexible operating procedures.


5. Lets me be adaptable yet committed; where I have a sense of purpose and am able to see and experience the actual results of my accomplishments.


6. Lets me use my sense of taste and aesthetics to enhance my physical work space, personalize it, and make others feel more comfortable.


7. Is done in a quietly cheerful and cooperative setting and where interpersonal conflicts are kept to a minimum.


8. Gives me an opportunity to experience inner growth and development within a context of work that I feel is important.


9. Lets me handle problems promptly and simply, offering practical help.


10. Does not require me to perform regular public speaking, lead a large group of people I don't know well, or give people negative feedback.


Career Satisfaction for INFPs


As an INFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Is in harmony with my own personal values and beliefs and allows me to express my vision through my work.


2. Gives me time to develop substantial depth to my ideas and maintain control over the process and product.


3. Is done autonomously, with a private work space and plenty of uninterrupted time, but with periodic opportunities to bounce my ideas off people I feel respect me.


4. Is done within a flexible structure, with a minimum of rules or regulations, letting me work on projects when I feel inspired.


5. Is done with other creative and caring individuals in a cooperative environment free from tension and interpersonal strife.


6. Lets me express my originality and in which personal growth is encouraged and rewarded.


7. Does not require me to present my work frequently in front of groups of people or be called upon to share before it is completed to my satisfaction.


8. Allows me to help others grow and develop and realize their full potential.


9. Involves understanding people and discovering what makes them tick; allows me to develop deep one-to-one relationships with others.


10. Allows me to work toward fulfilling my ideals and not be limited by political, financial, or other obstacles.


Career Satisfaction for INTPs


As an INTP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me develop, analyze, and critique new ideas.


2. Lets me focus my attention and energy on a creative, theoretical, and logical process, rather than on an end product.


3. Is challenging and deals with complex problems, where I am able to try unconventional approaches, and take risks to find the best solution.


4. Lets me work independently with plenty of quiet, private time to concentrate and complete my thinking process.


5. Lets me set and maintain my own high standards for my work and determine how my performance will be evaluated and compensated.


6. Is done in a flexible, nonstructured environment, without useless rules, excessive limitations, or unnecessary meetings.


7. Lets me interact with a small group of highly regarded friends and associates, all of whom I respect.


8. Gives me opportunities to constantly increase my own personal competence and power and lets me meet and interact with other powerful and successful people.


9. Lets me develop ingenious ideas and plans and lets me delegate the implementation and follow-through to an efficient support staff.


10. Does not require me to spend time directly organizing other people or supervising or mediating personal differences.


Career Satisfaction for ESTPs


As an ESTP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me meet and interact spontaneously with many people; offers something different every day, and is fun.


2. Lets me use my keen powers of observation and my capacity for absorbing and remembering facts.


3. Lets me use my ability to search for solutions to problems, using firsthand experience and then critically analyzing these solutions to find the best ones.


4. Is active and full of adventure and fun, where things happen quickly, and where I am allowed to take risks and be alert to new opportunities.


5. Lets me respond to unplanned situations, using unconventional approaches, where I can skillfully negotiate satisfactory solutions.


6. Is done in an environment without a lot of rules or restrictions, where I work with other practical and lively people and am able to enjoy free time after completing my assignments.


7. Lets me organize myself as I go along and as I deem necessary, rather than according to someone else's standards.


8. Is practical and logical, where I can use my reasoning abilities to find discrepancies or flaws in the logic of a system and fix it on the spot.


9. Leaves me free to respond to a crisis and work in an expedient manner dealing with pressing issues.


10. Involves real people and things, not theories or ideas; where my efforts are directed to producing a tangible product or service.


Career Satisfaction for ESFPs


As an ESFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me learn from hands-on experience, where I look for solutions to problems from gathering all the facts at my disposal and by using common sense.


2. Lets me get personally involved in the tasks at hand, working directly with clients or customers, out in the field rather than away from the action.


3. Lets me work with lots of other people in an active and social environment, with variety, fun, and spontaneity.


4. Requires skillful handling of people and conflicts, the ability to ease tensions to help groups work more cooperatively, and the ability to motivate others.


5. Lets me juggle multiple projects or activities, especially those that utilize my aesthetic taste and sense of design.


6. Lets me interact throughout the workday with other easygoing and social people who share my enthusiasm, energy, and realistic point of view.


7. Lets me work on projects that are of immediate utility and take into account the needs of people around me.


8. Is done in a friendly and relaxed environment, without hidden political agendas.


9. Rewards my hard work and good intentions, and where I feel appreciated for my contributions.


10. Lets me have fun, enjoy everyday surprises, and where there is a minimum of bureaucracy, rules, or restrictions.


Career Satisfaction for ENFPs


As an ENFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me work with a diverse group of people on a variety of projects, motivated by creative inspiration.


2. Lets me create new ideas, products, services, or solutions to problems that will help other people, and then see my projects become reality.


3. Is fun, challenging, and always varied.


4. Rarely requires me to handle the follow-through, routine details, or maintenance of a system or project.


5. Lets me work at my own pace and schedule, with a minimum of rules or structure and the freedom to act spontaneously.


6. Lets me meet new people, learn new skills, and continually satisfy my curiosity.


7. Is consistent with my personal beliefs and values and lets me create opportunities that benefit others.


8. Is done in a friendly and relaxed environment with humor, goodwill, and a minimum of interpersonal conflict.


9. Allows me the freedom to follow my inspirations and participate in exciting and intriguing adventures.


10. Is done in an environment that appreciates and rewards enthusiasm, ingenuity, and imagination.


Career Satisfaction for ENTPs


As an ENTP, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Gives me opportunities to engage in creative problem-solving and/or generating new and innovative approaches to problems.


2. Lets me implement my innovative solutions in the creation of more efficiently functioning systems.


3. Acknowledges and encourages my creativity, competency, and ability to improvise.


4. Lets me experience a variety of situations filled with fun, action, and excitement.


5. Follows a logical order and is based upon objective and fair standards, rather than the likes or dislikes or one individual.


6. Lets me increase my professional and personal power and interact frequently with other powerful people.


7. Lets me meet and have constant interaction with many different people, especially those I respect.


8. Can be done in a rapidly changing, high-energy environment with significant interaction with others.


9. Is done in an environment that is casual and unstructured; where I can experience a high degree of personal freedom, time off, and the opportunity to operate in a spontaneous way.


10. Allows me to design or start projects but does not require me to follow through with tedious details.


Career Satisfaction for ESTJs


As an ESTJ, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me work systematically, organizing facts, policies, or people, and use time and resources efficiently toward a logical conclusion.


2. Lets me use mastered skills while working on concrete and straightforward assignments with clear specifications, using my strong reasoning powers.


3. Is measured and evaluated by fair, logical, explicit, and objective standards.


4. Is done in a friendly environment with other hardworking and conscientious people who do not bring their personal problems to work or expect me to share my personal feelings on the job.


5. Is realistic and tangible in nature and has practical applications and concrete results.


6. Has clear expectations and reporting hierarchy.


7. Lets me be productive, organizing the necessary steps and resources, following established procedures, and setting and meeting deadlines.


8. Is done in a stable and predictable environment, but one that is also filled with action and a variety of people.


9. Can be done with other people, enabling me to be in charge of myself and others.


10. Lets me make decisions and have a great deal of control and responsibility; where my opinions, recommendations, and experience are considered important.


Career Satisfaction for ESFJs


As an ESFJ, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me establish and maintain warm and genuine interpersonal relationships with other people working in real and tangible ways to improve their quality of life.


2. Has practical benefits for people and gives me time to learn and master necessary skills before using them.


3. Lets me exercise control, working with many people, and helping them work harmoniously toward a common goal.


4. Has clear expectations, and where the evaluation of my performance is judged upon established and explicitly stated criteria.


5. Is done in a cooperative environment, free from conflicts and tension between co-workers, supervisors, clients, patients, and others.


6. Lets me make decisions and use efficient procedures to see that all the details of my projects are carried out to my specifications.


7. Gives me plenty of opportunities to interact with other people throughout the day and to be an integral part of the decision-making process.


8. Lets me organize my own work and that of those around me to ensure that things are run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


9. Is done within a friendly environment where people express their appreciation for my accomplishments, where I feel approval and support, and where I consider my co-workers to be my friends.


10. Is done in a setting with existing structure, where the chain of command is known and understood, and where authority is respected.


Career Satisfaction for ENFJs


As an ENFJ, career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me establish and maintain warm and supportive interpersonal relationships with co-workers, clients, customers, etc.


2. Lets me develop creative solutions to problems on projects that I believe in and where I can see the positive results of my efforts for other people.


3. Is done in an environment where expectations are clear, contributions are appreciated, and personal and professional growth and development are encouraged.


4. Lets me be a part of a team of other creative people I trust as well as being busy and productive.


5. Allows me time to develop creative solutions to problems and then share them with other supportive and caring people.


6. Is done in an active and challenging environment where I am able to juggle several projects at once.


7. Lets me use my organizational and decision-making skills and have control and responsibility for my own projects.


8. Gives me a variety of activities but allows me to work in a relatively orderly and well-planned manner.


9. Is done in an environment that is free from interpersonal conflicts and ongoing tension.


10. Exposes me to new ideas and lets me explore new approaches, especially those that will improve the lives of other people.


Career Satisfaction for ENTJs


As an ENTJ; career satisfaction means doing work that:


1. Lets me lead, be in control, organizing and perfecting the operating systems of an organization so that it runs efficiently and reaches its goals on schedule.


2. Lets me engage in long-range strategic planning, creative problem solving, and the generation of innovative and logical approaches to a variety of problems.


3. Is done in a well-organized environment where I, and others, work within a clear and definite set of guidelines.


4. Challenges and stimulates my intellectual curiosity and lets me work with complex and often difficult problems.


5. Gives me opportunities to meet and interact with a variety of other capable, interesting, and powerful people.


6. Gives me the opportunity to advance within the organization and to increase and demonstrate my competence.


7. Is exciting; challenging, and competitive; where I am in the public eye and where my accomplishments are seen, recognized, and fairly compensated.


8. Lets me work with other intelligent, creative, ambitious, and goal-oriented individuals whose competencies I respect.


9. Lets me set and meet goals and implement my organizational skills to keep myself and others focused on the larger goal while accomplishing all my objectives in a timely and efficient manner.


10. Lets me manage and supervise others, using logical and objective standards and policies that utilize each person's strengths but without having to deal daily with interpersonal squabbles.


Careers Appealing to Each Aura Color


Careers and Western Astrology


The Playing Card System


Careers and Numerology



If you are interested in getting more help in determining a fulfilling career path, please contact me.  I would be happy to help you in any way that I can.  J



Table 1 - Quick Guide to Career Resources


System I Use Go to this website Excellent books to read

The Enneagram

(1) The 9 Ways of Working

(1) The 9 Ways of Working by Michael J. Goldberg

(2) The Enneagram Advantage by Helen Palmer


The Personality Page

(1) Do What You Are by Barbara Barron-Tieger and Paul Tieger

(2) What's Your Type of Career by Donna Dunning

Aura Colors

None that I know of

Life Colors by Pamala Oslie

Western Astrology

None that I know of

(1) In Search of a Fulfilling Career by Joanne Wickenburg

(2) Charting Your Career by Stephanie Jean Clement

(3) Planets in Work by Jamie Binder

Vedic Astrology

None that I know of

None that I know of

The Playing Card System

None that I know of

The Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers by Geraldine Sullivan and Saffi Crawford


None that I know of

(1) Numerology (Vols. I & II) by Matthew Oliver Goodwin

(2) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology by Kay Lagerquist and Lisa Lenard

(3) The Numerology Kit by Carol Adrienne


3 Sides of You by Sandra Seich


The Best Books I've Found on Career Guidance

If you are really struggling to know what you want to do with your life I highly recommend the two following books:

  1. "Discover Your Passion: An Intuitive Search to Find Your Purpose In Life" by Gail A. Cassidy

  2. "The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success" by Nicholas Lore

The first book, Discover Your Passion, is a nice, 100 page workbook that is just full of exercises to get you more in touch with who you are and what you want to do.

The second book, The Pathfinder, is 375 pages long but is so comprehensive that if you do the exercises in this book you will find your career path!


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