Blue Aura Color
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Blue – An Emotional Core Color


Loving, caring, helpful, patient, nurturing, supportive, “motherly,” intuitive people

Excellent givers but not very good receivers.  They give love liberally but when it is reciprocated they have a hard time really taking it in (unless centered in themselves)

The most emotional of all the core colors; they can be brought to tears for no apparent reason

Spirituality and relationships are their two biggest priorities

People often turn to Blues for consolation, advice, or just to be loved

They tend to attract people who need rescuing, especially in their intimate relationships

Tend to hold on to guilt and resentment when feeling unloved and unacknowledged

Often have a hard time saying no

Can have difficulty letting go of relationships

Tend to have cold hands and feet

Easily put on weight because they often use food as a substitute for emotional fulfillment

Easily pick up on people’s emotions and feelings; they’re surprised that other people can’t

They want deeply to be loved but subconsciously doubt they are lovable (unless centered)

They need to form a deep emotional bond with their partner before sex is satisfying

When centered, they are giving, nurturing, and devoted parents

When uncentered, they are overprotective and try to make their kids dependent on them

They are prone to using guilt and manipulation to get what they want rather than asking for it

As children they try hard to please their parents so that they will be loved

They often choose low-paying service-oriented jobs because they feel that people and love are more important than money.  Consequently, they can struggle financially

Famous Examples:  Elizabeth Taylor, Mother Teresa, Meg Ryan, Goldie Hawn, Princess Diana.


The Life Purpose of someone with the core color of Blue is to show us how to love one another by being the nurturer, giver, comforter, caretaker, counselor, inspirer, uplifter, and/or cheer leader.


The Basic Fear of someone with the core color of Blue is to not receive the same love, appreciation, and approval they give.


Blues are drawn to work that allows them to be of service to people, such as in the helping professions.  They are also drawn to healing and spiritual lines of work.  Typical occupations that appeal to Blues are:



Public Relations Specialist




Marriage and Family Counselor




Workshop Facilitator

Church Spiritual Counselor


Welfare Worker

Human Resources Specialist

Social Worker

Childcare Worker


Spiritual Advisor

Holistic Health Practitioner

Worker at a Nonprofit Organization


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This page was last updated on 05/29/05.