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Enneagram Type Self-Assessment

An explanation of "What is the Enneagram?" can be found here, which opens in a new window.
An explanation of "Your Core Enneagram Type" can be found here, which opens in a new window.

This page contains nine groups of personality traits for each "type" in the Enneagram system (type 1, type 2, type 3... type 9). Choose the 3 types that best match your personality (click on a Sample checkbox box to select it. To unselect a Sample checkbox box, click on it again).


Type 1

Ethical/Principled/PurposefulStrong convictions
Self-controlled/AppropriateDo what's right and good
Disciplined/Responsible/MoralService and Action-oriented
Perfectionistic/High standardsLearning to accept imperfection
I do everything I can to avoid: making mistakes; doing something wrong; being criticized; getting angry (outwardly); being incompetent/unreliable


Type 2

Tuned in to what others needNurturing/Caring
Tuned in to how others feelRomantic/Emotionally intense
Complimentary (can flatter too)Adaptable/Accommodating
Can "people-please" at timesExuberant/Expressive/Energetic
I do everything I can to avoid: disappointing others; depending on others; intense, emotional outbursts from feeling unappreciated and unloved


Type 3

Motivated/Driven/EfficientTeam player, Like to win
Like producing and achievingAdaptable and Charming
Goal-oriented and DynamicWant to be a star and stand out
Self-confident and CharismaticSelf-propelled, Ambitious
Optimistic and EnergeticGood social skills; Personable
Pragmatic and PracticalWant to be the best
I do everything I can to avoid: failing to meet my goals; being unproductive and inactive; looking bad; being average and mediocre


Type 4

Unique/Original/DistinctiveExtremely sensitive
Romantic, Idealistic, DreamyEmotionally Complex
Empathize with suffering/painCompassionate and Supportive
Imaginative, Creative, WistfulIntuitive, Self-aware, Deep
Expressive yet IntrospectivePassionate, Intense
Feel everything deeplyLonging/Searching/Yearning
I do everything I can to avoid: feeling rejected, abandoned, insignificant; being too self-absorbed; being inauthentic; feeling misunderstood & alone


Type 5

Enjoy retreating into my mindIntrospective/Inquisitive
I can detach to observe othersSelf-sufficient/Self-contained
Dependable yet need alone timeCan isolate myself from feelings
Studious/Discerning/BookishKnowledgeable; Deep thinker
Private; Keep others' secretsObjective; Calm in crisis
Observant/Perceptive/AnalyticalSensitive but not emotive
I do everything I can to avoid: strong feelings (especially fear); intrusive and demanding people; not knowing before taking action; no time for self


Type 6

Loyal/Faithful/TrustworthyTrying to overcome fear/anxiety
Wary/Cautious/VigilantCan be skeptical and suspicious
Dislike uncertaintySensitive/Intuitive/Imaginative
Helpful and ThoughtfulResponsible and Dutiful
I do everything I can to avoid: feeling helpless or not in control in the face of danger or harm; alienating people I depend on; having paralyzing doubt


Type 7

Look on the bright sideIdealistic/Imaginative
Enthusiastic and OptimisticOn-the-go; So much to see, do!
Helpful and HumanitarianPositive and Upbeat
Playful/Curious/Fun-lovingSeeker of excitement; Restless
Active and very energeticDislike negative/painful feelings
Pleasureful future possibilitiesPeople and ideas fascinate me
I do everything I can to avoid boredom, limitations, constraints, frustration


Type 8

Protective/Strong/PowerfulTough-minded and truthful
Direct, decisive but also fair/justSelf-reliant/Self-assertive
Maverick/IndividualistHave a Devoted/Friendly side
Instinctive/Earthy/EnergeticBig hearted/Magnanimous
Fight for truth and justiceUnremitting/Unrelenting
I do everything I can to avoid: being weak, vulnerable or dependent on others; rules that are unjust or constraining; being controlled/manipulated


Type 9

I see myself in every other type!Patient/Calm/Even-tempered
Easily see others' viewpointsOpen-minded/Adaptable
Peaceful/Accepting/TolerantCan be stubborn when pushed
Get off task/distracted easilyLearning to put first things first
Like to keep life comfortableEmpathic/Unpretentious/Humble
I do everything I can to avoid: heated confrontations or conflicts; feeling uncomfortable; having too many demands made of me; losing my peace of mind


On the next page, your three choices will be displayed again so that you can rate them in order of most to least like you. Following that, a comprehensive report of your 1st choice will be displayed with the option of reading your 2nd and 3rd choices also.

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