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Personal Training

Would you like a caring professional to help you:

  • Attain an optimal body weight?
  • Boost your energy?
  • Strengthen and define your muscles?
  • Increase your balance and flexibility?
  • Improve your athletic performance?
  • Increase your endurance?
  • Improve your posture?
  • Relieve some stress?
  • Basically, improve the quality of your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and are having difficulty achieving your health and fitness goals then I'd really love to help you!

I am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer (since 1994) and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant (since 1995). I got certified in both of these areas by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I also have my Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology which I received from San Diego State University in 1997. I have been a self-employed personal trainer since 1998.

I have always loved playing sports, running, exercising and basically doing anything athletic ever since I was a little kid. I also love helping people so personal training seemed like a natural fit for me. Yes, I do love it!

Whatever your goals are I can help you! I have been a 200 lbs. body builder, a 150 lbs. triathlete/marathon runner and a 165 lbs. competitive college tennis player! I now run about 40-50 miles per week, lift weights 2 - 3 times per week, and do yoga several times per week to keep in shape. I also have an excellent understanding of nutrition. If you happen to live in San Diego and are interested in personal training just give me a call or drop me an e-mail.

My private gym is a converted 2-car garage located in beautiful Spring Valley, California.

Rates: $45/hr. for individual workouts, $27.50/hr. each for partner workouts

If you are interested in losing weight, here are "10 Simple Guidelines for Fat-Loss" that you can print out.

If you are interested in learning how to make quick, healthy meals when you are on the go, here are "The 11 Secrets for Making Fast, Easy, Delicious and Healthy Meals" that you can print out.

If you are interested in keeping track of your food intake, here is a "Dietary Log Sheet" that you can print out.

If you are interested in obtaining a list of exercises and the muscles they work, here is a handout called "Exercises and the Muscles They Work" that you can print out.

The picture on the left is of the Big Sur International Marathon. I have run many marathons in my life but none on as beautiful a course as this one. If you are a marathon runner, I highly recommend doing this race in Big Sur, California. Check out their website at:



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