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How is self-awareness developed?

Self-awareness can be developed in numerous ways. I believe that the best way to develop self-awareness (this is the Intrapersonal Intelligence in the Multiple Intelligences System and also the Existential Intelligence, which is being evaluated as a distinct intelligence in its own right as of this writing) is by turning inward and tuning in to one's inner needs. This is often done through one or more practices such as: meditation, prayer, self-inquiry, self-observation, mindfulness, chanting, drumming, mantra recitation, guided self-imagery, yoga, internal martial arts (such as tai chi chuan), journaling, dream work, active imagination, inner dialoguing, psychoanalysis, to name a few.

While our inner teacher is the most intimate and trustworthy guide on our journey through life, there are several profound and powerful systems that can assist us in developing self-awareness. 7 of those systems that I use and explain on this website are:

Although not a personality system, I would like to mention how invaluable learning Emotional Intelligence is for self-awareness. While everyone is capable of developing a greater capacity for self-awareness, it is not emphasized as much in our culture as it is in some others, most notably India and China. It has been my experience that the vast majority of people in America do not have a regular self-awareness practice that helps them connect with the depth of who they are so this website and the work I do is my attempt to help people better understand themselves, others and their vocational calling through self-awareness systems.

I hope that this website will give you a new appreciation for yourself and others.

With love and blessings,

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